The A to Z of Sharing Christ at Christmas

Christmas is a fantastic time for sharing the gospel. There are so many open doors and unique opportunities to tell people about the reason why we celebrate! Here are 26 tips and reminders to help you show people the Christ in Christmas.

A – Ask Leading Questions

What is most meaningful gift you have ever received?
What do you want for Christmas?

After they answer your question, you answer your own question. Say something like, “The most memorable thing I have ever received is a relationship with Jesus.” Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! (2 Corinthians 9:15 NKJV)

B – Baking

The Christmas season is the most common time for giving baked treats. Put your baking skills to the test and bless neighbors, coworkers, and friends. Make sure you include a simple Jesus-themed Christmas card explaining the reason behind your generosity.

C – Christmas Cards That Highlight Jesus

Many families have a tradition of sending Christmas cards to loved ones at Christmas. This year, send a card that is focused on Jesus and why Christmas is a special time of year for you.

D – Decorate with a Nativity Theme

People noticed how you decorate. If you set up lights on your house, include a nativity in yard. If you have a workspace that can be decorated, focus everything around Jesus being the reason for the season.

E – Encourage Those Who Are Grieving

For people who have lost a loved one, the holidays are a very difficult time of year. Be intentional in telling them that you are praying for them; love them and share a comforting verse with them.

F – Financially Bless Someone

If you are able to set aside a little bit of money, consider giving a monetary gift to a single parent, a family with children, or an individual who is financially struggling.

G – Give a Gift with Spiritual Emphasis

As gifts are being exchanged this year, intentionally purchase gifts that encourage people in their relationship with God (a Bible, devotional, book, DVD, etc.)

H – Help the Church with Local Outreach

Every year churches think of special ways to reach out to the community. Whether it’s collecting supplies to make Christmas baskets for needy families, gifts for foster children, or blankets for the homeless, jump in and participate in what your church is already doing.

I – Invite People to Christmas Services at Church

Some people are only open to coming to church two times a year: Christmas and Easter. Make use of that openness by extending an invitation. Get a flyer from your church and confidently invite people to come with you.

J – Joyful Attitude

Everyone calls it Christmas cheer. We have joy because the Savior has come near. Allow others to see the joy of the Lord in you.

K – Kindness with Intention

You would be shocked how far a little kindness goes. Giving up a parking space, purchasing a meal for someone, buying the groceries of the person behind you at the store, buying the coffee of the person in line behind you—get creative and intentional in your acts of kindness.

L – Love the Unlovable

Every Christmas has its Scrooges and Grinches. Showing extra love and kindness toward these individuals in Jesus’ name could pay off in the long run.

M – Movie Time

If you have friends or family over, put on a movie that focuses on the true meaning of Christmas. A Charlie Brown Christmas or The Nativity Story are great choices.

N – Notice a Need

Serving people in the name of Christ communicates His love in a special way. Keep your eyes open for a spontaneous need someone near you may have. Then act on it!

O – Operation Christmas Child Shoebox

A great outreach for the family to do together is to assemble a Christmas shoebox for needy children around the world.

P – Prayer Requests

Everyone appreciates a little prayer. Take time to ask those around you if they have anything that you can be praying for them about. Make sure you follow up on the results of the prayer requests.

Q – Quality Time with Loved Ones

With so many distractions around us, just sitting with family and having a heartfelt conversation about God, life, and the afterlife could be just what someone needs.

R – Request to Pray for Family Dinner

If your family has a gathering for Christmas, confidently request to pray for the meal.
Tip: Don’t pray too long!

S – Sing Jesus-Focused Christmas Carols

Either by yourself or with a group of friends, go to a neighborhood, convalescent home, or hospital and sing carols that focus on Jesus and the meaning of Christmas.

T – Thankful Attitude

If you happen to be the recipient of a gift or act of kindness, make sure you respond with real thankfulness. Additionally, be quick to let people know how thankful you are for the gift that God has given to us.

U – Use Social Media

Most people are on social media. Make sure you post what Christmas is all about and what it means to you. Photos, images, or just a heartfelt sentence or two about why Christmas is significant in your personal life can point to Jesus. You may be surprised by how many people are seeing and thinking about your posts.

V – Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter

During the Christmas season, homeless shelters are desperate for extra help to feed and care for those in need. To the cold and hungry, the physical gifts of food and warmth can point to the spiritual satisfaction that Jesus offers.

W – Welcome the Lonely into Your Family for Christmas

Does your family gather together at Christmas? Many college students, singles, and elderly are alone during the season. As they are away from family or without family, personally invite them to join your family for Christmas.

X – The X in Xmas Is for Christ!

If a child or adult brings up Santa and Christmas, kindly and lovingly compare the difference between Santa and the Savior:

With Santa, you earn favor by being naughty or nice.
The Savior gives you favor because He paid the price.

Y – Your Testimony

Sharing your story works at any time of the year. If the occasion is right, tell someone how Jesus has changed your life in a powerful way.

Z – Zeal about the Christ of Christmas

Be intentional in displaying your love for Jesus and your gratitude for what He has done for you. Let others see your passion for the good news of salvation in Jesus!

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